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MRCA's Women in Roofing Announces Leadership Team

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The Midwest Roofing Contractor Association (MRCA), serving the interests of roofing contractors and the overall industry for the U.S. Midwest, has announced the appointment of the 2015 Women in Roofing (WinR) leadership team. WinR is a council of the MRCA with goals of promoting the growth and leadership of women within the roofing industry. The leadership team is made up of leading roofing professional women representing the founding members of the organization.

Visualized by current women roofing professionals, the organization’s goal is networking for women within the roofing industry with a focus on mentoring for incoming young women, professionals and business owners. With an increasing number of women-owned roofing companies and women is C Suite positions for roofing publications, technology, distribution and manufacturing companies, the time is right to create a support structure that will not only mentor but provide ongoing education for career success in the industry.

As co-chairs of the new group, Heidi J. Ellsworth, EagleView Technologies, executive vice president of marketing, andShari Carlozzi, Hapco Inc., national sales manager, have worked with the MRCA and a large group of enthusiastic women to create this ground breaking organization. The leadership team for 2015 consists of Heidi Ellsworth, EagleView Technologies, co-chairperson; Shari Carlozzi, Hapco Inc., co-chairperson; Laurie Moore, Kreiling Roofing, MRCA board liaison; Steve Little, KPost Company MRCA executive committee liaison; Jennifer Ford-Smith, Johns Manville; Jill Bloom, Roofing Contractor; Frann Nichols, RoofLogic; Dena Elie, No Roof Left Behind; Aileen Stuble, KPost Company; Debbie Ocken, Sprague Roofing; and Rachel Pinkus, MRCA staff.


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